Saturday, January 22, 2011

Went Dentist today

I make it a habit to see the dentist every year before Chinese New Year. I know this is not recommended as we are told to see the dentist every half-yearly. So when the dentist scaled and polished my teeth today, he noticed a food stuck between my teeth.
He extracted it out, only to find that it is that piece of abalone that I had for my reunion dinner last year! As it was close to lunch, I offered the little piece of abalone, which was basked with my saliva but still looked great to the dentist who looked hungry.

"Have that piece of abalone, Dentist, for lunch." I told the dentist politely. The dentist looked at me and said: "Good, Thanks for the offering! I am saving monies and Thank you for your abalone!" After this, he brought out a little container and opened it up to me.

"See these!" I peered inside the container and saw tiny bits of pieces of shark fin, vegetables, ba kwah, etc!" "

"Wow, so delicious! They would go down with the abalone!" I jested to the dentist.

The dentist agreed and told me that these food pieces in the container were from the teeth of patients he has extracted before me!

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