Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Singapore Fertility Rate drops to record low

As reported in today's headline news, Singapore Fertility Rate has dropped to record low. I am not surprised by the low fertility rate.
Many Singaporeans are marrying late and choosing to be single. The high-paced, competitive society has made more Singaporeans more focused on work and earning a living, delaying marriage and the age of starting a family. When one marries late, one's fertility also drops in tandem with time too. Our society has also given the impression to Singaporeans that success in Singapore is all about being rich, successful and famous, hence is it any wonder that the younger Singaporeans are chasing these highly-coveted status than starting a family?

I sincerely believe that more can be done to the work-life balance of our workers. When one returns home, late in the night, totally exhausted from work, how can one "perform"? Also I find it an ironical that while we are experiencing a dearth in our birth rate, our youths are learning about the birds and bees faster, trying them and leading to unwanted pregancies!

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