Saturday, January 22, 2011

MM Lee: Singapore is not a Nation

For many years, I have been singing the National Anthem, only to read today that MM Lee said that Singapore is not a Nation, yet. I spent an hour or so reading all the articles in today's newpapers and that of yesterday to read what our founding father has to say about Singapore.

I believe I am lucky to be living in Singapore for it is a well-organized country, with a slew of different facilities spread out country-wide. What I find regretting is the social attitude of Singaporeans after we have achieved what we have today. In Singapore, very often, to many, the definition of being Success in life is equivalent to how much monies one have. I have been looked down umpteen of times for being a "lesser mortal" by the richer people. However, I believe the routes to being richer and successful in life is not shut off from all Singaporeans. It depends on how one leverages on opportunities in life. Take for example, a poorly-educated man can earn more in life by upgrading his education or skills. To the others, being Successful can simply be having a good family or being Happy.

I am not particularly successful yet as I have not achieved my goals.

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