Sunday, January 16, 2011

End of the world in 2012 or a new World Order? The coming of the future Buddha

Switching on the television, I found myself right in the middle of the plot of the movie "2012"! News broadcasting the floods devastating Brazil, Sri Lanka and Australia greeted me, these news came on the heels of recent news of harsh winter the Northern hemisphere experienced some weeks ago.

The earth is really sick. I mean natural anomalities seem to be occuring very very frequently. There was a volcanic eruption in Indonesia some weeks earlier too. And back in Singapore, we are experiencing very cold January these days.

Is this the omen that the end of the earth, as what believers of the Mayan Doomsday theory predicted, is soon upon us on 12 Dec 2012? Interestingly enough, US researchers discovered that an ailen ship is heading towards Earth and will arrive on 12 Dec 2012!

Would that day be the end of the world? I do not think so. What I think is that that would be a new world order. As a Buddhist, I believe there is still time for the world. The future Buddha, Buddha Maitreya has not arrived yet, he would arrive when Dharma is forgotten in the realm of human.

I have read that the proportion of Buddihists in Singapore has decreased. I believe that a new world order is in the making. The world is now very chaotic these days... man-made and natural. Dharma has been forgotten by many, including my colleagues who hatch evil plots, who suck up to bosses and carry balls of directors and tell evil untrue stories of better capable colleagues like me to them. The world is full of very evil people these days bullying the good-natured and dilligent folks. Promiscuity, greed and all the sins of the human are on the rise.

I think that as a result of the declining morality of human, mother nature is ill too. There would be a new world order. Kindness and Love should soon grow in this world. Evil doers like my colleagues and some of the people I know would be punished. The universal laws of Karma would still be relevant in this changing world.

Folks, if you are moral and honest like me but are still being harmed by others, never give up but still persist towards your goals. I believe like me, you would be amply rewarded and all the evil doers would be punished.

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