Thursday, January 20, 2011

The day I paid homage to my IPPT shuttle run

Today, I paid homage to my IPPT shuttle run. I used to dread my IPPT shuttle run. I did still okay in my IPPT, my timing could be 10.3 second or at the very worst, 10.7 second, but I still manage to do well in my IPPT last year. Today, I paid homage to my IPPT shuttle run.
When I stepped out of my house, the pedestrian crossing was turning red, then I made a dash across the 10-metre pedestrian crossing in less than 10 seconds and I was glad that my IPPT training for the shuttle run has prepared me well for the dash across the pedestrian crossing! The authorities is now retrofitting all neighbourhoods with IPPT facilities, well I think they can take out the shuttle run facility for we can now make use of our pedestrian crossing to practise our shuttle run! One can wait for the pedestrian to show 10 seconds countdown and then make a dash across the pedestrian crossing.. if he can make it within 10 seconds, then he would pass the shuttle run in IPPT! Okay, this post is just a joke.

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