Thursday, January 20, 2011

Create your own wedding photo montage using PhotoStory, a Free Software

For brides and bridegrooms to be, creating a wedding photo montage to show to your wedding guests at your wedding banquet is more often a necessity, hence when it comes to creating a wedding photo montage, what does the couple do after getting all the suitable great photos for their wedding photo montage?
 Though the answer is to look for a wedding planner or a contractor to help you implement the wedding photo montage, when it comes to a wedding, if one can save some costs, it would be great as wedding involves quite a sum of money!

Hence if you would want to, you can create your own photo montage using a free software called PhotoStory! You can search more on Photostory on the search engines and download it. The software is free and it can do a decent job for your wedding photo montage!

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