Friday, January 28, 2011

Chinese New Year Visit to Chinatown

I was with my wife at Chinatown just a few days ago, absorbing in the sights and sounds of the red-hot Chinatown during the Chinese New Year festivities.
Being a weekday, the lanes were generally not crowded, so we had ease navigating along the Chinatown lane.

What perturbed me were the canopies some stalls had set up between the stalls on the two sides of the road. The canopy covers were low, hence causing the visitors to bend their heads. The canopy covers were set up to hold the rain.. for it is an incessant rainy season now.

Along the way, a stall holder dished out some sweets to us, exhorting us to his sweets stall. The sweets were not bad, so my wife and I picked just some sweets and gave to the stall holder to weigh. With the weighing scale out of our sight, he declared $10 for the sweets. We were shocked, there were just few sweets. Seeing that we were quite reluctant to pay, he offered some more sweets. We thought it was incredibily impossible for the few sweets that we chose to be 300 gram and incur $10, so I signalled for my wife to leave the stall.

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