Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best Shopping Centre in Singapore: Vivocity Shopping Centre and Parkway Parade!

Nex Shopping centre has a very unique concept. Nex, to me, is quite similar to Malaysian Jusco concept and true enough, when I researched more on the shopping centre, this shopping centre is developed by Malaysian developers!

If you were to ask me which is the Best shopping centre in Singapore, I would say that I would give my personal accolade to Vivocity shopping centre!

Why is this so? Well, Vivocity is designed to fit human comfort. There is ample walking space and generous shopping space. There is brillant design and use of space and creative concept of using the rooftop as stage and exhibition areas. There are also good outdoor areas to admire the splendid scenary of Sentosa and the seas!

Mapletree is the developer of Vivocity and I am looking forward to more Mapletree shopping centres. I do not quite like the shopping malls developed by Fraser Centre Point trust as these malls are really too small... the old Northpoint and the new Bedok Point. Capitamall shopping malls are not too bad, just that Tampines Mall is really very crowded.

If you were to ask me which is the evergreen best shopping centre in Singapore, you may be surprised at my answer. This accolade, I would give to Parkway Parade! Parkway Parade was a shopping centre which has stood the annals of times from the 80s or even earlier! It has kept reinventing itself to suit the modern generation, era and cliente and it has undergone many revamps and uplifts! The surrounding neighbours of Parkway Parade are incredibly interesting and charming: great nonya food and there is a good corridor of great laksa and more Katong delights nearby.

Why Orchard Road shopping malls do not feature in my list of best shopping centres? The answer is simple: I am not rich. It is not unusual to see tourists and Singaporeans footing more than $20,000 on a bag and I have even read tourists spending $500,000 and more on a single purchase of some handbags! Orchard road shopping malls only cater to my window shopping as well as boning up of some great knowledge at Borders and KinoKuniya!

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