Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bedok Point

I went to Bedok Point today. Bedok Point is one of the newest shopping centres in Singapore. Bedok Point is the only shopping centre in Bedok. Much has been touted and advertised about Bedok Point in the newspapers.

When I went to Bedok Point today, as expected, the shopping centre is small. I was taken aback as Bedok Point should not be named as such. Bedok Point should be termed as Bedok Eating Point! Why did I say that? Bedok Point is filled with restaurants after restaurants! It is not surprising to me as being familiar to Bedok, Bedok is full of shop houses, food cafes, food centres, hawker centres but it stops short of restaurants, save for the fast food restaurants!

Now with Bedok Point, all the restaurants, all the big names congregate in Bedok! Bedok Point will affect business in the other shopping centres in the east. Bedok Point, however will benefit Bedok residents as they have now more choices to pamper their buds at Bedok (eating) Point!

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