Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shitty experience at Tampines Mall

I was treated to a super disgusting sight at Tampines Mall this evening. Just before entering the mall, around 10 metre in front of Mcdonald, I suddenly paused to look at the ground, I was super lucky to avoid a BIG BIG PILE of THICK SHIT!

I was lucky, I was just ten cm from stepping on this shit! As I walked off, I looked back and saw the rest of the shoppers walking towards the shit, oblivious, but luckily for the few whom I watched, they managed to escape from stepping on this SHIT!

I then went to the restroom on the second storey, and I was lucky enough, lucky again, I was centimetres away from stepping on a smaller pile of "distributed" shit in front of the Gents! Shoppers again were too busy passing by, only a few managed to look down and saw this disgusting sight!

So I deduced there was a person who had a sudden stomach upset and before he could relieve ''it", he has started bombing Tampines Mall like Hiroshima all the way from Macdonalds to the toilet on the second floor!

It was such a shitty thing, disgusting thing to experience at Tampines Mall!

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