Saturday, October 30, 2010

Recollecting old memories

It has been some time since I last blogged.

I was kept busy these days, or rather these weeks by the daily affairs of work, family and other committments.

Today is a Saturday, and definitely one of the days I treasure.

For I mean, it is hard to get to Saturday and Sunday; for many of us, we have to navigate through 5 days of unrelentless work and long working hours to get to the weekends.

I am glad today is a free day for me, initally it was not.

Having had the benefits of time today, I sat down with my wife to pore through the volumes of diaries I have kept, the little daily entries I had kept on a religious basis these days.

The diaries seem to be like my like story hiterto. Those were the days I was wild, bold with ambitious, seem to be so much full of energy and vigour and life seems real youthfully meaningful!

Those were really the days. It is fun to look back at the past to recall old memories, some memories which are sweet till today: like my proposal to my girlfriend who is now my wife.

However, one should not be held hostage by history, one should look forward, move forward, celebrate and embrace opportuntites of life!

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