Wednesday, October 20, 2010


PSI soars to a higher level as haze returns to the skies of Singapore for the past few days. The PSI, also called the Pollutant Standard Index stood at around 84 yesterday as the Sumatran fires raged across the Indonesian island due to the mass clearing of land.

Initially I had wanted to go for a jog yesterday but looking at the hazy skies, I switched off the thought. Waking up today, hazy skies greeted me. I appreciate the sight for at last the scorching sun took a break.

The sight was also a pleasant one for me for it engendered a holidaying mood in me. The sight reminded me of my holidaying days with my wife in Hong Kong.

When we were holidaying in Hong Kong, initially we embraced the haze, thinking it was healthy smog, but later on, the cold hard fact dawned upon us. Hong Kong seems to be wrapped in haze perennially. Though Singapore has upheld a laudable clean and green reputation, the seasonal clearing of Indonesian lands giving rise to the haze, led to the deterioration in our air quality and health fast.

Singapore is lucky that the haze came at this time. Had the haze come earlier, it would have met up with the Youth Olympic Games and the Singapore F1 night race and images of a hazy skyline would be beamed to millions worldwide, tarnishing our image as a clean and green global city.

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