Saturday, October 02, 2010

Of Singapore Schools, Students and Teachers

Just some days ago, while walking in the streets, I saw a primary school female student kissing, hugging and behaving very intimately with a youth who was some years older than her.

Considering this sight, is it a wonder that the unwanted pregnancy rates among our students is causing some form of alarm in our society?

In my primary school days, I was caned, beaten, smacked on the face, knuckles hit hard with the corners of a wooden ruler by teachers for the slightest mistake made!

Fast forward to today’s society, our teachers are getting younger and less harsh. Parents are getting more protective of their kids. The result: students can threaten to sue their teachers if the latter scold them, students beating up or bullying their teachers, etc.

I think it is important that teachers treat their jobs as a calling and not just as a mean to earn a salary.

Teachers should care for their students and teach them the correct moral values.

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