Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Of Jobs, Career, Life and Entrepreneurship

After stepping into the working world, I began to understand the responsibilities of a working adult.

I began to understand how hard and difficult it is for my father to work and support our family, I began to understand how selfless is my mother to be a housewife to take care of our family while my father goes to work and bring the loaf back home. I begin to appreciate my parents for taking care of us

Hence it becomes a top priority for me to take care of my family and wife.

As a working adult, the most important thing is to ensure employment, first and foremost; career progression can come in second.

Employment ensures a continuous stream of income to meet basic living needs and pay off the myriad of fees.

However, employability means insecurity as you are dependent on another for a living.

It also means having others shape and define how much you will get paid and how far in your profession you can go.

So what is the best way to shape your destiny towards financial freedom and more wealth and time? The answer would be through the path less trodden.

Towards this aim, many people become entrepreneurs, dabble in forex, investments, real estate and other forms of venture.

While some make it big, many many others fail. And this fear of failure makes many business aspirants risk averse and remained on the traditional pathways of employment.

Before long, time passes and they become old, too old for anything new.

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