Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NTUC Link Points and Passion Card Link Points

Are you confused about NTUC Link Points and Passion Card Link Points system whereby you will get cash rebates off your next groceries trip? Do not fret, I will give you the lowdown in this article.

For NTUC link point, one will be able to earn 2 point for every $1 spent, however the purchase made must be above $20 to qualify for this point system of link point. For every 150 points accumulated, that is when the customer accumulates 150 link points worth of $75 spending, this will translate to $1 off. For Passion card, there is no $20 limit or any limit, and every $1 spent will translate to 1 point, collect 150 points, and you save $1 off your next purchase should you want to redeem the points.

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