Saturday, October 30, 2010

Geylang checker: Men having and paying for sex at Geylang will soon be caught !

This post is about Geylang Checker. Geylang is like honey to men who want sex with prostitutes. These men come from all walks of life, from all ages and there are also unfaithful husbands and boyfriends in the midst of them all.

For me, I go to Geylang to eat or buy things and no look at those prostitutes. I mean they should not be selling their bodies to earn a living, it is immoral. But from another point of view, some will argue if there is no such "market", incidences of rapes and molest will be on the rise. Anyway, I should not discuss more about this oldest profession on earth here.

How time evolved, in the past, these unfaithful men go to Geylang, checking out and making out with the ladies, but now with advanced technology, we have the WHOLE WORLD checking out these men as these men go checking out the ladies!

What am I talking about? Well, now there is a website called Geylang checker! Hmm, for those men who visit these places, they must be jumping up from their chairs now, exclaiming "Wow, now I can check out from my web, at the comforts of my home, who would I want xxx with today!" Immediately, this man clicks the link and instead of seeing those ladies from China, and other countries, he sees, a person none other than HIMSELF!

Well, what am I taking about? With the great efforts of a bunch of private investigators, Singapore is bringing STOMP (from Singapore's Straits Times) right to one of the world's most seediest place, Geylang! The concept is simple, men who come to Geylang for the "most naked" reason will soon be exposed right here on Geylang's candid camera!

Hmm, if you are those men for whom Geylang is your second home, take a breather, and click this Geylang checker link now to see whether you are "famous" now! Or if you are a lady, with a boyfriend or married and have been asking  yourself why your husband or boyfriend come home so late every night and still full of smiles, check the link out too! Or if you are like me, who do not fall within the above 2 categories, you may also want to check out the website. Who knows, you may spot your dirty old boss there!

There is also an earlier blog post which I posted some time ago where Singapore prostitutes are being caught and shown to the whole wide world on none other than Google Earth! (the Google team captured the prostitutes while fliming the streets). Watch this link.

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