Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Changes to the SAF NS IPPT and RT training system

To add on to the post made about the same topic yesterday, I was thinking perhaps the SAF could inject an ‘oomph’ factor into IPPT and RT training for NS men, making training attractive for them.

Instead of training in fitness conditioning centres which are located quite far away from town, SAF could bring fitness training closer to the heartlands to make it more convenient for NS men to undergo fitness trainings and tests. Why not make use of community centres to conduct these fitness trainings? By doing so, we could bring training closer to the NS men, making it convenient for them to undergo training . Some fun elements could also be incorporated into the remedial training like having running sessions by the sea and bringing the NS men family to train together or watch them train. With such fun and family support, we may even see a higher pass rate for IPPT as our NS men become even more determined to do their best for the tests!

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