Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Changes to NS IPPT and RT system

I read with mixed feelings of the tweaks or changes introduced to the SAF NS IPPT and RT system. Previously, a National Serviceman can use up to a year to clear his IPPT for his birthday window but under the new system, this window is shortened to just 9 months, with the following 3 months to be used for the RT if he fails.

This means that a NS man cannot use his RT (if he passes) to clear the IPPT requirement for his next birthday window like the current system. However, the lengthening of the RT over 3 months as compared to 2 months now is really a relief. With the current system, phase 2 of the RT is too onerous as working NS men have to rush to report to the Fitness Conditioning Centres 3 times per week after work! Hence the new system means fewer such sessions per week which is welcome and hence more family time.

I would like to propose another change, that is reducing the waiting time spent at each RT session! Almost an hour is spent on waiting per RT session, this is not productive (though we have high tech equipment to help in gauging the scoring for each fitness station). The waiting is inevitable as time is needed to wait for all the RT attendees to report for the training and “in-processing”. SAF can explore staggering time slots to reduce waiting for all RT attendees. Read more here.

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