Friday, March 12, 2010

Singapore Weather

This February has been an usually hot month, with temperatures soaring to a maximum of 35.2 degree Celsius!
The hot and arid temperatures have seen Singapore’s water consumption increasing, more bush fires which in turn created a number of hazy days for Singapore.
Pity the grasses: they were really fried to the crisp with the drought of rain. What is worse, when they ignite and go up in flames!
After my jog these days, I noticed a lady, apparently returning home after her work. Seeing a large patch of burnt grass, she took out her bottle of water and splashed a portion of it on the burnt patch, in a bid to water them. The water she poured was quite small though although it was kind of her to do that. Then an amazing thing came when her young son told her that he also wanted to contribute. “Mum, I can do it better than you in quantity and quality of water!” Without hesitation, he unbuttoned his pants, and took out his “noozle” to splash a large amount of fertilizer water!

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