Tuesday, March 09, 2010

R Burger

It has been few months since I read of TCS artiste Adam Chen launching a brand new burger in Singapore at Ion Orchard Shopping centre. The new burger is R burger with the letter ‘R’ representing the word ‘revolution’ from what I have read.
Adam has first encountered the burger at one of the many R burger fast food restaurants in Bangkok outside Siam Square. Enamored of the great tasting bun as well as the suite of accompanying desserts like the tofu nuggets, the entrepreneurial streak in him catapulted him into bring the burger to Singapore.

Describing the bun as healthy and the perfect burger, Adam has me craving for the R burger or at least to taste a bite too. However, I did not have the opportunity or time to stop by for a taste of the burger at Ion Orchard being busy but guess what, I still did have my maiden taste of the burger recently with my wife at the Sukhumvit airport in none other than Thailand itself!

It was the period before our departure from Thailand and after our check-in. Scheduling to take the 8pm flight home, my wife and I wandered in and searched the spacious airport for a quick bite of dinner. When I saw the ‘R’ burger restaurant at the airport, my choice became clear and we settled for a R burger set each together with authentic Thai dishes (Phay Thai they called it… similar to Char Kway Teow as we Singaporeans know). It was quick unique as the R burger restaurant serves both R burger sets and Thai dishes in the same restaurant.

If you been to Popeye restaurant, you would know the restaurant screens the Popeye cartoons at its premises. The R-burger restaurant that my wife and I were at also screened a show. You will be surprised that the show screened is none other than the hit comedy serial “Mr Bean” and hence it is quite relaxing to dine at the restaurant watching the comedy and dining at the same time.
As usual, the food was served to us only after some time. Finally I had a taste of the R burger. The bun was soft and tasted like Chinese bun (‘bao’). The meat was salty and was quite identical to the minced meat you find in bao. The verdict: ‘R’ burger is really like a compressed small Chinese bao. Even at Thailand, we pay international food prices for such a burger set. As such, the whole experience of R burger was not very impressive to me. I would rather settle for a big Chinese bao at $1.20 which has rich filling than a R burger. Nevertheless, if you have not eaten R burger, do still give it a try, you may like it and continue to buy more of them. Note: I like the R burger but the fact of paying a high premium of something which is similar to Chinese bao is not a reconciliation to me.

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