Monday, March 22, 2010

Learn the Na’vi Language

The film Avatar has rocked the world with its impressive box-office showings and its magnificent 3D effects!

It has been about 4 months since the film was first screened and if there is anything constructive to stay, it will unanimously be the Na’vi Language which sees many youngsters these days trying to pick it up.

The most popular Na’vi sentence which everyone will recall is undoubtedly: “ Oel ngati kameie” (I see you.)

And since Avatar movie is about love too, many would have known that Tìyawn is the Na’vi word for 'love' and Nga yawne lu oer means ‘I love you’. To be honest, I do not know these three aforementioned Na’vi love words initially, only searching for them and impressing my loving wife just few minutes ago when the idea of picking up a new language suddenly struck me.

With the booming of China and India, having mastered English and Chinese language, I was pondering what other language I would pick up to enhance my employability in future. A crazy idea creeped in my mind and this language would be Na’vi.

Trawling the internet, I found the aforementioned 3 Na’vi words and there was a smattering of two others:

Ke lu kawtu a nulnivew oe pohu tireapivängkxo äo Utral Aymokriyä. (There's nobody I'd rather commune with under the Tree of Voices.)

Nga za'u fìtseng pxìm srak? (Do you come here often?)

Actually having mastered the few Na’vi words above, you can now walk straight into an employer room for interview!

Employer: “”Why do you want this job”

You (in Na’vi): Oel ngati kameie. Ke lu kawtu a nulnivew oe pohu tireapivängkxo äo Utral Aymokriyä.

And then you can get prepared to be booted out of the interview room, unless the interviewer is a big fan of the Na’vi language!

Anyway, if you are really considering to pick up Na’vi language to enhance your career competencies, here is the link to the Na’vi dictionary:

After mastering the dictionary, do earn lots of money to buy a rocket to Planet Pandora to start your new career there!

Good luck!

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