Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Just two weeks ago, Jack Neo’s affairs with a number of ladies, ranging from hot girls to middle-aged women have hit Singapore like a storm.

In his wrapping-up speech to conclude this messy affair, Jack, has reportedly attributed to his misdeeds being exposed all as a result of Karma and he has commented that he has “reaped what he has sowed”.
As a firm believer of Karma, I believe what Jack Neo has said is absolutely correct!

Karma is the natural law of “cause and effect’. Whatever actions we do, we are implanting the ‘seed’ or ‘cause’ and we will be reaping what we have sowed directly or indirectly, after some time (be it months, years or even decades)! … the long unwavering arms of Karma will catch up with you! Of course, if you do good, you will reap good karma too!
I have been at the receiving end of certain nonsensical people at times. I do not want to waste my time and breath, chastising them or trying to rectify the beliefs of these “lesser mortals”. These people have “squandered an opportunity” in Karma and I would like to state that these nonsense with these people have been “categorically closed” as they will be dealt with by the laws of Karma.

However, not everyone believe in Karma like me as not everyone believe in horoscopes.

Last but not least, if you thought the phrase in “ ” familiar looks quite familar, yes, these are words that have been reported in the newspapers as coming out from the mouth from 1 Minister, 1 Acting Minister and 1 Member of Parliament! As an avid reader of the local newspapers, I picked up some good vocabulary reportedly spoken by our top leaders. The latest word I learnt is the word ‘daft’.

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