Sunday, March 07, 2010

International Women's Day

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, and Singapore Short Stories would like to wish all women in the world a Happy International Women’s Day!
I would also want to express my wishes to two women whom have showered me with lots of tender love and care in my life and they are none other than my mother and my wife!
Gone are the days when women were considered inferior to men. Nowadays, more and more women are helming the top positions in many companies and I must really salute those women who can really multi-task their chores and manage their priorities: work, family, kid and for some, community commitments really well!

I have read a book that women are more adept at multi-tasking than man and it is regrettable that in some countries and societies, there is still a inferior notion given to women that they are not as good as men.
When it comes to the retail market, just look at the assortment of goods, and you can see that a large bulk of it is dedicated to women, from fashion, cosmetic, bags, jewellery and more! What is more, movies are more and more geared towards ladies and females in terms of plots. Sentimental romantic movies like Titanic and Twilight, cartoons like Alice in Wonderland are real treats for ladies and can make ladies become crying babies or laugh heartily though their husbands and boyfriends sitting next to them can never fathom what is so sad or so funny about these plots. Worst, some boyfriends and husbands fall sleep during such romantic or cartoon shows, hehe, lucky I am not one of them.
Anyway, this is a light post brought to you by Singapore Short Stories, in celebration of International Women’s Day, hope you enjoy it!

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