Sunday, March 07, 2010

Female Cosmetics

Cosmetics are used by women and the reason is simple, women want to look great! As a result, women’s cosmetics are still one of the best buys for women, never mind whether they are cheap or not, female cosmetics are always being lapped by ladies readily!
But is it really necessary for females to don on cosmetics, such as facial makeups, lip sticks and other stuff that I as a typical man may not know. Well, for me, I think most of the ladies, especially working ladies don on such cosmetics for work everyday, though it may be really uncomfortable for them when their make-ups melt under the sweltering afternoon heat as they may want to conform to social norms (that women need to have at least some make-ups). Ladies also would want to make a good impression to their superiors, colleagues and customers.
Facial creams, cosmetics and makeup do lend some degree of confidence to ladies though I would want to say ladies without any trace of cosmetic have even more confidence!

You may want to ask me why I, a man is writing on something related to ladies which I may not know at all as the famous saying goes: :Men are from Mars and Women from Venus”, well, I am writing this post to celebrate international women’s day which falls on tomorrow!
Well, I have not grudges whether ladies want to put on cosmetics or not as it is ultimately their choices. But I do want to caution ladies to choose cosmetics carefully before applying them on your skin for some cosmetics from dubious sources may have certain harmful chemicals which may damage your health insidiously unnoticeably. Well chemicals are always not good, thus the maxim of life is moderation in everything.

If you are a lady, Happy International Women’s day to you! though my bouquets of roses are reserved for my mother and honey, hehe…

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