Monday, March 22, 2010


I envy entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurs who make not only a living from their passion but large amounts of money all within a matter of few hours everyday!

For these entrepreneurs, it is definitely a win-win situation! First of all, they are able to make huge chunks of money, next they have more time at their disposal.

Like other employees who clock the 9 to 5 routine and more everyday, it is such a wonder to see, read or hear these entrepreneurs earning some $2000 for just few hours of work. What we, normal, typical employees earn per month, these entrepreneurs can earn easily within few hours!

Just yesterday, the Sunday Times reported how the wealthy Success coaches of Singapore can easily $2000 per hour! But before you start to worship these lucky and bold few who decide to cut it out as an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship is not all about successes.

There is an element of failure and there is no guarantee of a regular paycheck. So before you decide to step out and be a gungho entrepreneur, do take a few minutes to see whether you are ready for the entrepreneurial road ahead!

Meanwhile, to augment your income, you can still continue doing your investment, earn some money online or buy the usual TOTO and hope to strike it big.

Haiz, I am a poor soul, earning a “lesser mortal” salary, but one day, I hope to strike it big.

I am not greedy, just $1 million will do (Singapore has 66,000 and counting millionaires with a net asset of US $1 million in liquidity, not counting property)!

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