Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Mention Sungei Buloh wetland reserves to Singaporeans, you will realise that though the name rings a bell to many, many Singaporeans might not have visited one of this last natural gems residing in our city. I am one of these Singaporeans who have not visited Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve until recently. The photos of bird watching on low land come to my mind whenever I think of Sungei Buloh, as such if I do not like bird watching, Sungei Buloh will be a boring place to me..this is what I have always thought until my recent visit to the place. Sungei Buloh has more to offer besides its famed watching of rare species of birds.

As a natural reserve, Sungei Buloh is located in the far-flung end of Kranji and it is definitely not easy to get to this place by public transport. The reserve is not as open as any other parks where you can enter and exit at any point. One need to pass through the entrance at the visitors' centre, admission is free on weekdays but a $1 charge is levied on weekends.

Tranversing the natural reserves, a map is definitely useful and one can get the map from the stacks at the information counter. Upon passing through the entrance at the visitors' centre, you are on your own to discover this amazing low land natural reserve provided you hire a guide to walk along with you. My wife and I did not require a guide as the ample information boards at the different exhibitis are sufficient for our knowledge needs. (to be continued...)

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