Sunday, February 28, 2010

Singapore Sleep

At this time of my writing, I should already be sound sleeping, or at the very least, be preparing for sleep.
However, I could not sleep. The weather was simply too hot. It did not help that I have no air-conditioner in my room to help me cool down the bristling heat! My bed was like burning as the heat trapped inside my bed emanated slowly while I slept, burning me alive!
What? I was actually forcing myself to sleep! I needed to sleep to have enough energy for the next few days. Was it really the heat of the extremely hot February that caused me not able to sleep or was it simply that I could not sleep? I did not know as memories flashed back many years ago when I was serving my national service. Then, after few days of not sleeping during jungle exercise, I actually doze off intermittently on one hot afternoon while waiting for some ‘enemies’ during our exercise. The condition then was so tough and hot, but I was still able to sleep. I came to a conclusion that if one really is very tired, he would sleep no matter how tough the conditions are. On the converse, if one is not tired at all, give me a most luxurious bed and bedroom, he will not be able to sleep!

So I am now here, tapping on my keyboard, hoping that this little mental activity of composing my thoughts, looking at the screen will make me more tired to be able to sleep. Yes, I am trying too hard, I suppose.
Anyway, while surfing the internet just now for some tips to facilitate my sleeping, I chanced upon an up and coming annual event: Singapore Sleep Awareness Week 2010, organized by Singapore Sleep Society in celebration of World Sleep Day on 19 March 2010.This campaign is intended to celebrate sleep, highlight the importance of sleep and to call to action for problems relating to sleep such as various forms of sleeping disorders.
Sleeping disorders? Yes, there are people suffering from sleeping disorders! Be happy that you are able to sleep, though you may, like me, not have the privilege to enjoy the recommended 8 hours of sleep.
With this post, I think I can see someone calling me now. It is Uncle Zhou (Zhou Gong), a figure in Chinese legend whom one meets when one is going to sleep.
Good night!

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