Saturday, February 20, 2010

River Hongbao 2010

My wife and I visited the River Hongbao 2010 yesterday night. This year, River Hongbao was held at the floating platform beside the Singapore Esplanade as alike of last year. The floating platform is now commonly used to stage mega events and exhibitions and the brilliant night skydrop of the skyscrapers in the Central Business District serves as a dazzling backdrop for the River Hongbao event.

Compared to River Hongbao last year, this year, all the exhibits were quite well spread out, which gave generous amount of walking space to visitors at the event. The usual theme of River Hongbao however was not missed this year. Most of the showcase were from China, and there were the familiar animal horoscope models, Chinese lanterns, god of fortune, stage performances, stalls offering China delicacies and more.

River Hongbao is a great event to visit with, together with your family, relatives and friends. River Hongbao will end tonight, so if you have not visited River Hongbao and would like to go, do come down to the floating platform tonight!

Last year River Hongbao was also good and if not, slightly better. If you would want to read about my experiences in River Hongbao last year, please click on this link.

I wish you a Happy Birthday as today is the seventh of the Chinese Lunar month. ‘Ren Ri’ as we Chinese calls today.

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