Friday, February 12, 2010


Everyone knows how important it is to feel motivated in life. Only with motivation can one have the will and passion to ride through the hardships of life toward one’s own goals.

Life is not always a bed of rose, it is full of challenges and unexpected twists and turns. After having been through so much myself, I realize that life is not fair at all. We all have to accept that life is not fair, however we must not lose all hope and ambition on recognizing this very fact. Despites all odds, we must solider on to fight for what we believe and to achieve what we always want to do.

In life, there may not be justice at all as you see for yourself, seeing the injustice being played out in life, inevitably, we feel despondent and unfair. Self motivation is a skill we need to develop. Motivation and feeling motivated is not a easy skill to learn else there would not be hundreds of people paying few thousands of dollars just to learn to feel motivated from those so-called success coaches.

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