Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marina IR Opens Apr 27

The headlines of today’s newspapers reads: “Marina IR Opens Apr 27”. Indeed this is one of the news that Singaporeans are awaiting for this year, even more eagerly so, after Resort World in Sentosa opens its door to the public on Chinese New Year day.

Coincidentally, today’s newspapers also reported how a man was arrested for cheating the Resort World security officer to gain entry into the Casino using his brother’s driving licence (he faces a similar charge of stealing his brother’s document) and trying to cheat the casino officers there of winning $190. There are really some crime cases which are fortunately being cracked and the perpetuators arrested since the opening of Resort World casinos. Will there be more crime in the offing and social problems when the Marina IR opens Apr 27? Possibly so, but I believe the Casino Regulatory Authority as well as our police will do their best to contain these social fallouts arising from gambling at the casinos to the minimum.

The opening of Marina IR will be carried out in phases, with the casinos, integrated resorts and entertainment centres opening in phases.

The other few events this year which Singaporeans are highly anticipative are, in my opinion: the opening of phase 2 of the Circle Line, the General Election, the Youth Olympics and the Singapore F1.

However this is really an event which is happening real fast: TOMORROW when the nation will be highly anticipative! Singaporeans will be checking whether they are the lucky winners to win the whopping Singapore $10,000,000 (10 million dollars) in the TOTO Hongbao draw tomorrow!

If you have bought the Hongbao draw tomorrow, I wish you all the Best!

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