Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is a joke which came out from my head some days ago. I hope you will like the joke. Once upon a time, a couple who have just given birth to their son, would like to give his son a name which would give inspiration to others around, so they settled on a simple name: Hope.

Like any other man born into a rich family. Hope grew up into a fine young man. Being rich, his family never had any problems in giving Hope only the best in life. Hope had the best life any young man could dream of. He indulged in food and drinks and never watched his diet, becoming a fat and obese man. Being rich, he soon grew complacent and arrogant. He soon lost touch with reality, with society, being raised in any ivory tower and instead of being an inspiration to others, he soon became scornful of people poorer than him and even at times mocking at them.

One day, his parents asked one of Hope’s friend, David, whether Hope has inspired him in life as what his name has set him out to be. David replied “What hope? He is so arrogant and fat that I and my friends knew that he inspired only FAT HOPE for us for the things that we do not have!”

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