Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Iphones are no longer new anymore in Singapore. Since last year, the major telecommunication companies (Telcos) have been offering special iphone packages one after another to capture their bite of the cherry. Many Singaporeans have bought iphones and this trend is understandable and inevitable as we all know that Singaporeans are creatures of the latest IT gadgets.

So what happens after you have bought an iphone? Well, it is pretty obvious, many iphone buyers will seek to maximize their iphone packages by utilizing all the applets, internet time and applications as much as possible.

As such, we will see nowadays Singaporeans, New Citizens, Foreigners, Permanent Residents living in our island and who are owners of iphones whiling away their time during their public transport commute on their iphones. Worst, I have seen employees whiling away their time on their iphones while working and I believe too this is the trend.

It is really very difficult nowadays to catch employees idling with iphones! Imagine if an employee whiles away at his workstation on his iphone the whole day, he can always justify to his boss that he is replying his SMS when caught. And how often will a boss really walk and supervise his charges?

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