Thursday, February 04, 2010

Fan Tai Sui

So what is 'Fan Tai Sui'? Is it connected to Chinese Feng Shui? With the coming of Chinese New Year, it is timely to examine this topic a bit closer!

Chinese New Year will be here in about 9 days time. Whenever it is Chinese New Year, apart from the usual festive exchange of greetings, hongbaos and mandarin oranges as well as the visiting of friends and relatives, Chinese (Buddists and Taoists mainly) will go to temples to pray for a better lunar year ahead. Many Chinese will also check whether the Chinese zodiac animal signs they are born under will 'fan' (Chinese Hanyu Pinyin for 'Offend') 'Tai Sui' for the coming Chinese New Year.

So what is 'Tai Sui'? If you want something physical, 'Tai Sui' refers to the stars directly opposite the planet Jupiter. Chinese legend has it that the Heavenly Jade Emperor has a team of 60 generals who will rotate to help the Emperor govern the Heavens as well as the mortal world for the term of a Chinese New Year. It is further said that depending on the features of each general, there will be some implications for the human world related to the features. For example, if the general governing a particular Chinese lunar year holds a pen, it means that there will be some political unrest for the year. However all this is myth only. Fengshui practioners comment that those whom Zodiac signs clash with 'Tai Sui' can actually harness and leverage through some means to reduce their undesirable effects. The General or 'Tai Sui' for the coming Chinese New Year is General Wu Huan.

Last but not least, the answer you have been waiting for, whether your Chinese zodiac sign does indeed 'Fan Tai Sui' this coming Chinese Year. Animal signs in direct conflict with 'Tai Sui' for coming Chinese New Year are : Tiger, Monkey, Snake and Pig. If you belong to any of the above Chinese zodiacs, you can go to the Chinese temple, pay some tokens to seek a prayer session to Tai Sui till 15th of the lunar month.

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