Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chingay 2010

What a night! Chingay 2010 is one of the most beautiful Chingay parades I have ever witnessed! The sight, the sound and the most amazing floats revved up the moods of Chingay 2010 to its highest ever!

Chingay 2010 is held this year on both dates: yesterday and today. My wife and I caught the glimpses of Chingay Parade 2010 at the Pits building at Singapore Flyer yesterday and I must tell you that it is a truly spectacular show!

Thousands of performers were on the road, strutting their stuff! Floats were aplenty. Dancers were really engrossed and professional in their performances. And of all the dozens of floats this year, one float which stood out this year was a huge giant panda sashaying and greeting everyone of us down the road! This float made its debut in Chingay this year and it was one of the very last floats! Together with this panda were other truly amazing and cute creatures which will become more and more familiar to Singaporeans as time goes by! What are these animals and creatures? I am not going to tell you right now as I will be updating either this post or blog soon about Chingay 2010 with all the other dozens of videos I have taken of this event!

There was a sprinking of fireworks here and there throughout the Chingay show and I am sure that the best fireworks will come tonight, at the culmination of the finale of the Chingay show and all the Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore from the Chinese New Year light up at Chinatown, the Chinatown Chinese New Year countdown, River Hongbao and Chingay 2010 (you can read about most of these event and my experiences there at my blog).

So when the Chingay show ends tonight, it will be back to usual for many Singaporeans… all the holiday mood from December to February will come to a short hiatus as Singaporeans will await patiently for another round of holidays! However all is still not lost when Chingay ends tonight. There will be City Alive 2010, Singapore’s largest street party (you can read the details in my earlier post today). So you may want to head down to Pits building and dance till your limits before coming back to work and another ‘dry spell’ of non-holidays!

These are some of the exciting videos taken yesterday of Chingay 2010:

I will upload more videos in this blog or post, so stay tuned to Singapore Short Stories! To savour the best of Chinese New Year in Singapore, Singapore Short Stories proposes the following itinery today for your consideration:

a) 6pm to 7pm: Thrill yourself at Uncle Ringo next to River Hongbao
b) 7pm to 8pm: Visit River Hongbao
c) 8pm to 9pm: Head down to Marina Square for Dinner
d) 9pm to 10pm: Watch Chingay Parade at Singapore Flyer
e) 10pm to 5am: Dance non-stop at City Alive 2010
Happy Birthday to You! (Ren Ri today!)

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