Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year after-effects

The number ‘8’ is an auspicious number to Chinese during Chinese New Year. Today is the third day of Chinese New Year and according to Chinese customs; it is not very good to visit relatives and friends on this day of the Chinese New Year. As such, I stayed at home today and was busy doing something for 8 times (an auspicious number coincidentally too!)

What was that thing I did 8 times? Well, I visited the toilet for a total number of ‘8’ times! Sorry, in this case, my visit to the toilet did not mean that I paid a visit to the toilet and exchanged greetings with the toilet bowl and water cistern. In actual fact, I played host to the toilet bowl though I was the ‘guest’ in the toilet as I treated the toilet bowl for a sumptuous diet of soups and chocolates for a total of eight times!

Blame it on that stupid laksa I ate last night which I have mentioned in my post yesterday! Haiz, though Singapore is a food paradise, all it takes is one hawker selling contaminated and unhygienic food to spoilt your diet for days!

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