Monday, February 01, 2010

Beautiful Ladies

If you happen to read or stumble upon this blog post as a result of the picture of the lady above or you have googled for "Beautiful Ladies" and have hence arrived at this blog, then this just underscores the high premium society places on beauty.

Who does not want to be born beautiful in life? Being born beautiful is definitely an asset to one as society prides itself on looks. Just look at the revenues raked in by the beauty industry: we have laser therapy, slimming, hair treatments and more! It is partially true that people with good looks
tend to succeed more in life, a study I once read has indicated.

However, what is beauty to me lies in the beauty of the heart. Imagine if you encounter people with good looks but whose personality is terrible and have bad demeanour, whom you still consider them as beautiful. Beauty is often in society terms just skin deep, we should look further than this and look at the beauty of a person as encompassing both heart, mind and soul!

Even the most beautiful person will fall victim to age and soon his or her looks will soon fade away with time. Then stripped of all the good looks, can this once-handsome or beautiful people still be as beautiful? Yes, provided he or her personality is beautiful.

A beautiful person is not only beautiful on the external. A beautiful person is kind, caring, nice, considerable, helpful, fillial. It is really sad that most men in Singapore still love to oogle at pretty young things in the streets, especially with the influx of the China Chinese ladies here in Singapore. I really hope that those old married men whom the China Chinese ladies target do not fall victim to their shallow beauty and neglect their old wives, who have went through thick and thin, suffer hardships with him. To desert their old wives who are not as attractive as the young bitches, these Singaporean men deserve a beating.

Let us celebrate beauty from the heart and not to celebrate those artifical temporary beauty. I am always angered when our local TV channels choose to hype up those beauty shows featuring pretty women and now handsome men! Media is very important in shaping the opinions of the society. These shows should be disencourged but as people love to watch and see beautiful people, local channels will still produce such shows all to gain viewerships and revenue!

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