Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexa ranking of Singapore ministries webpages

If you are into website traffic fraternity, you would have read about, the website which ranks all websites residing in the cyberworld according to the website traffic they garner. The lower the rank, the better is the score. The envious number 1 spot on is none other than big brother, Google!

Do not underestimate the Alexa rank! This Alexa rank can help to boost the fortune of several websites and blogs which reply on advertisements placed by other companies on their websites as form of revenues! To break into the top Alexa ranking of 100,000, according to my estimation, you would need to attract about 1000 pageviews per day on the average to your website!

We have heard about the Alexa ranking list of blogs and other websites,what about the Alexa ranking of websites of Singapore ministries? I trawl the internet but found no information relating to such an Alexa ranking made of the ministries here in Singapore. I believe that an Alexa ranking of the government ministries here would be beneficial as we would know which websites are most and least visited by Singaporeans (and maybe foreigners as the minority). From such a list, we can get a glimpse of what ministries that matter more directly or play a more direct and important role in the lives of Singaporeans for them to garner such high volume of traffic daily. So here is the ranking list (in decreasing Alexa ranking) I made of the 15 ministries, correct as of today:

1) Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) Website


2) Ministry Of Education (MOE) Website


3) Ministry Of Defence (MINDEF) Website


4) Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Website


5) Ministry Of Health (MOH) Website


6) Ministry Of Community Development, Youth And Sports (MCYS) Website


7) Ministry Of Trade And Industry (MTI) Website


8) Ministry Of Home Affairs (MHA) Website


9) Ministry Of Finance (MOF) Website


10) Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Website


11) Ministry Of Information, Communications And The Arts (MICA) Website


12) Ministry Of Law (MINLAW) Website


13) Ministry Of The Environment And Water Resources (MEWR) Website


14) Ministry Of Transport (MOT) Website


15) Ministry Of National Development (MND) Website


It seems hardly a surprise that the ministry of education and defence websites come in second and third as they are two of the three areas Singapore spends the most of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in. Ministry of Manpower websites attracts the highest traffic as in my opinion, there are so many foreigners wanting to come to work in Singapore with our Singapore’s open door policy towards them. Hence many of them visit the website to find out more about the work passes issues, etc.

It is surprising that the website of ministry of land transport is placed second last as transport is the third largest area Singapore spends its GDP on. Also surprising is the last spot of Ministry of National Development which houses the Housing Development Board under its umbrella, as I thought housing is such a bread and butter issue for all Singaporeans. However, I can really quanitfy this by my belief that many visitors actually visit the webpages of the statutory boards placed under these two ministries. Look out for my Alexa ranking of the Statutory Boards in Singapore soon!

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