Thursday, January 21, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore

Stop playing your online games such as Heroes Online games, Habbo, start playing real games now! In Singapore, where land in scare, it is hard to find places where one can play real outdoor games, but the wait is now no more! Universal Studios in Sentosa is now open! It is reported in the news that Universal Studios in Sentosa, Singapore will most likely open next week though Resort World where Universal Studios is based, has already opened for business yesterday 20 Jan 2010.

Just a few days ago, Universal Studios has announced its plan to build another theme park in South Korea which will be due for completion in year 2014. With the later opening of the Korea theme park, I believe the competition between Singapore Resort World and its Korea theme park may be minimal.

In Asia, Universal Studios has also a theme park in Osaka, Japan. Though theme parks are by themselves, generally typically identical, I believe the experience one get from visiting these themepark hinges on the customer service as well as people whom they meet and interact with in their visit to these themeparks. Another important factor is the offerings of each theme park as these vary slightly with different theme parks in different countries. This experience is similar to playing multi-player online games! The experience of each game depends on who you play with! If you play online games with boring friends, then how can your online gaming experience turn out to be fun and great?

The Universal Studios outdoor experience in Singapore will be a very Sunny one as it is unbearably hot and humid in Singapore. I will try visiting the theme park on cooler days. In the meanwhile, I will still play my favorite online games!

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