Sunday, January 31, 2010

Singapore Cats

Singapore calls itself a Lion City, after its founder, Sang Nila Utama encountered a lion, as the legend goes. However, in modern Singapore, you cannot see any lions in Singapore except in the Singapore Zoological Gardens… of course!

However, there are thousands of cats roaming the streets of Singapore. You may ask how these stray cats manage to survive in Singapore. Well I believe most of these stray cats will still manage to ‘eke out a living’ off the rubbish and litter dumps of the hundreds of hawker centres scattered around the whole of Singapore. Remember, Singapore is a food paradise, as such I believe there should be no problem for these stray cats to survive as there should be enough food for them to just barely subsist on.

There are some fortunate stray cats though in Singapore. They are well-fed owing to some kind Singapore cat lovers feeding them daily. Near my house, two fat cats, one male and female hardly move a din away from their regular spot in a void deck where days after days, a lady will come and replenish a plate meant for them with cat food. These two cats have hence no problems with life. They do not need to hunt for food and just wait for food to be delivered to them just like some lucky Singaporeans who are born with a silver spoon in their mouths right from their birth.

Some cats are not lucky though, they need to search for food as the videos below will show:

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