Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Resort World Sentosa Opens

Resort World Sentosa will open tomorrow on 20 Jan 2010. I have definitely read much of what is to be expected of Resort World Sentosa in the newspapers and other mass media recently and hence I feel thrilled that a world-class attraction will be taking root in our home country soon!

One needs not travel all the way to Osaka, Japan to have a taste of the Universal Studios as Singapore will have its very own Universal Studio at Resort World Sentosa. The challenge, I believe is to replicate the excellent experiences one have at Universal Studios in other parts of the world right here in our doorsteps!

I have visited Hong Kong Disneyland last year and left the place a tad disappointed as the experience afforded by the theme park is not as excellent as one can find in USA. Hence, no doubt Singapore has its very own universal studios right here in Sentosa, the creation of that magical experience, befitting that of a great theme park is paramount.

Also, the Singapore authorities must ensure that it does not replicate the experiences of Universal Studios in other parts of the world lock, stock and barrel. Singapore must inject its very own local flavor to make the Universal Studio experience in Singapore truly and uniquely Singaporean. The challenges therefore are double-folded. Customer service in Singapore Resort world must level up to global standards.

As Singapore resort world opens tomorrow, it will be very soon that we will hear what others will say of the attractions there. I believe Singapore will do a great job as what it does for every other project though having fun rides in Universal Studio outdoors right here in Sentosa can be really challenging due to the unbearable heat and humidity!

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