Monday, January 11, 2010

Life and time management

These few days, I am really really busy, with hardly a time to breathe, this may explain for the uninteresting blog posting on my blog recently. I really can feel the stress of modern day living on this little red island. There are simply too many personal committments.

Every morning, when I board the train, it is as though I enter into a coffin as most of the passengers are standing like dead fishes, crammed in a super-packed sardine can. Many of us, the passengers are simply too tired and are simply dozing off and catching a sleep.

There are too many Singaporeans who are leading an average lifestyle as salaried employees, working many hours, clocking in overtimes just to survive in this super high-paced and high-stressed societies. To many, there is simply no way out to escape from this lifestyle of an average salaried employee. In this everchanging economy, having a job to support the family is already a fortunate thing to many. Of course, everyone wants to do well in their career, earn more monies and succeed in life.

With many of us working as employees, spending so much of our time at work to earn our wages, we come home every night late and tired, hardly having the time to do what we want to do. For those with families, the precious little time that he or she has are to be spent even more productively as it is definitely more challenging with family committments. Come weekends, many of Singaporeans take the time to spend with their families, to laze around and relax at home.

This trend will keep recurring year after year, with little time on weekday night to do what one has always wanted and all the time on weekends devoted to other recreational and relaxing activities, as such, it is not surprising that for many, their new year resolutions are always not fulfilled as they simply do not have the time.

For those who want success and achieve their goals, time management is paramount. One has to learn to sacrifice the time for some activities he enjoys in order to plough back this time to doing something much more beneficial to his life goals.

It can really be challenging to ditch that old habit of coming home and adopting the easy way out to watch hours and hours of TV for something more construcitive as man is a creature of habit. But if one does not want to do the sacrifice and do the things he has also wanted to do, then when is a good time?

The greatest regret in life is finding it too late and too old to do something you have always wanted to achieve. As such, we should make use of life now.

I acknowledge it is definitely not easy to make the first move, to spend your precious little tired hours every weekday night to do something extra, something that benefit. But it is never too late and small efforts each day do add up to something transcendent over time.

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