Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chinatown Light up

Witness the annual bursting of firecrackers once again tonight as Chinatown celebrates Chinese New Year with the annual Chinese New Year light up!

There will be stage performances, lion dances and a slew of other stunning performances such as acrobats and singers from other countries. The signature item of the light up will be the lighting and bursting of the firecrackers! Last year, my wife and I were standing right in front of the firecrackers and I must tell you my eardrums suffered a beating due to the very high decibel of the fire cracking activity! I could hardly covered my ears with my hands as I was busily and happily filming the whole of the rare fire cracking process, similar to what others did!

Expect a lot of jostling and jams of people in Chinatown if you are making your way there. There would be scores of China Chinese foreign workers as usual flocking to Chinatown, adding up to the myriads of people there! I will be going to the Light Up tonight with my wife if time permits, meanwhile read all about what happened during Chinese New Year last year right here!

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