Monday, November 23, 2009

Singapore Tallest Christmas Tree

The other day, I blogged about what may seem to be the tallest Christmas tree in Singapore: the Christmas tree on top of Vivocity Shopping Centre (if you miss the post, just click on the label "Singapore Christmas" to read it).

I would like to clarify that when it comes to the earlier post, I have ascribe that honor on Vivocity's Christmas tree as the Christmas tree is really the tallest when you count from zero metre ground level to the tip of the Christmas tree as the tree is perched on the roof of a shopping centre of several stories height, thus which other Christmas tree could beat Vivocity's Christmas tree when it comes to such a comparison of height? Vivocity's Christmas tree could be seen from hundreds of metres away from the shopping centre too!

But however, when we base soley on the height of a Christmas tree (from bottom to top of the tree), two Christmas trees stand out to contend for this position: Ngee Ann City's Christmas tree as well as Orchard Central Christmas tree (see photo above). After visiting the Christmas tree in Orchard Central last Saturday with my wife, I will have to affirm that this year's (and possibly for the next few years), the tallest Christmas tree will not be Ngee Ann City's Christmas tree, this honour will go to the Christmas tree in Orchard Central (if we based solely the height from bottom to tip of the tree)! Of course, when it comes to physical visibilty, Vivocity's Christmas tree has no parallels!

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