Sunday, November 08, 2009

Singapore Sex: Couple caught red-handed in public!

On a hot Saturday afternoon, while many Singaporeans were busy spending their time on recreation: shopping or lazing around, I caught something unusual at a void deck of a flat.

What those small things on the wall? On closer look, it were two houseflies. But what were they doing? The silhoulette of these insects gave me some hints as I went forward to investigate....

Yup, I inched forward slowly, not wanting to scare the couple off.

And then, I caught them! The male housefly in a missionary position and the two of them was in a still position (though there must be some 'muscular motion' not visible to the untrained human eye).

It is nature, every living things, be it human, animals or insects procreate and give life! Read more for REAL tips here.


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