Sunday, November 29, 2009

Singapore Osteoporosis

Dear Singapore Readers, how are you feeling? Enjoyed your long weekends? For me, this long weekend is neither too long nor too short and I could said that I have spent my time very wisely, reading up, doing self improvement and discovering more about my health!

Yup, yesterday, outside Sheng Siong Supermarket in Bedok, I did those free Bone Mass tests by Anlene milk company and guess what, my bones are not that strong!

I was a tad worried and hence gave the Anlene promoters business as I bought a medium packet of Anlene milk powder to bone up on my bones (no pun intended). Anlene milk powder contains a wealth of calcium to promote stronger bones! Wow Anlene must be happy that I am giving them free publicity on this blog of mine!

Anyway, bone problems are hardly noticed by many as the cracking and deteoriation of bones develop silently and insidiously in our bodies and when we crack our bones one day, it is often too late already!

Our bones are not that solid and strong as what we have perceived them to be. Bones are living tissues and the growth and depletion of these bone tissues are always ongoing. Thus one must really have a rich calcium-rich diet to strengthen our bones so that the absorption rate of bone mass will surpass the bone depletion rate.

Osteoporosis is often a remote term to many Singaporeans. One can easily understand Osteorporosis if one visualise termites as the Osteoporosis and wood as our bones. When the termites attack a wood, the interior of the wood is eaten up, leaving a seemingly strong facade of the wood outside. One day, if you just press lightly on this wood, you will be surprised that it will just crumble easily, revealing the hollow interior of the wood....just like our bones, if we do not take care of them, this scenario may similarly play out....

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