Sunday, November 01, 2009

of Past and Future

I carried out a mini spring cleaning in the afternoon, clearing loads of documents which are now rendered of no use to me.

Most of these items merit not much of an attention. Many of them played a vital role in my life, work and studies once, but they are of no use in my life now.

I could have kept them for memory purpose, but imagine if I were to keep each and every old document, I would have turned my room into a museum. I just keep the more important ones which are more memorable.

One item which caught my attention was this packet of transparency sheets:

I had bought this packet of transparency sheets many many years ago (so long that I could not remember)! The fact that this packet of transparency sheets resided for long untouched attests to the inevitable fact that transparency sheets like these are already obsolete!

These days, everyone giving a presentation uses a Microsoft Power Point presentation, gone are the days when one inks his or her presentation using those foul-smelling markers and the audience would have to sometimes struggle comprehending some of the handwritings on these sheets.

I still remember back in my secondary school days, I was made one of those AVA (Audio and Visual Aids) assistants in my class. For every teacher who needs to use the OHP (Overhead Projector) to present the lesson to the class, I and my classmate would have to walk to the front of the class and performed a stunt everytime.

The stunt was:

Step 1: Pull the projector screen down (no problem for me, though it was situated high up as I am tall.)

Step 2: Bring out the projector and do the necessary wire connections

Step 3: Switch on the projector and then its ready for lesson!

These days, though overhead projectors are still in use for powerpoint presentations, most often than not, these are now operated by a switch, saving time for the presenter to pull the screen down himself or to nominate a tall person to help him with it.

I felt a sense of nostagia just by looking at how presentation modes have evolved with time. Some ten over years ago, classroom lessons involve the teachers and students writing on the 'blackboard' with those chalks, having to endure the chalkdust, the breaking of chalksticks and the rubbing off the chalked writings on the board.

Then come the overhead projector and transparency sheets as well as the plastic board and marker ink. Next, Microsoft Powerpoint presentation reigns all and now with the connectivity of the internet, distant learning and other high means of advanced learning and teaching are now made possible!

What would be next? Maybe one day, schools would be made obsolete as students would be able to log in a 'cyberschool', participate in lessons, take examinations, all from the comforts of their houses!

This may be great however one should not consider the social aspects of an education. Nothing can replace the face-to-face teaching, socialisation of the students with his fellow classmates, playing, chatting and having fun together!

Do not be surprised that one day human brains would be linked to computers. If you want to take a Geography module to take for an example, just connect a 10GB of hard disk containing all the Geographical information and data to your brain and your brain would download it.

Similarly, if you want to learn Maths, just download from the internet into your brain.

Man would then become linked to the internet and computer and there becomes no boundary of man, information and knowledge. To translate the information gleaned into his brain into knowledge, man would then need to install a higher RAM for faster processing efficiency.

Meetings and joint proposals would just be a matter of every man present in the meeting emitting their frequencies of thoughts into a common information device which would then collate all the frequencies and synergise into one proposal based on the differing inputs.

Man would then become not just biological bodies but information absorbing and emitting devices. Man need not mouth a single word, communication will be via rays and waves from their brains, aided by computers.

This is the world of the future I make out of. Who knows, maybe the internet one day would be superceded by something even bigger?

We could have mobile phones, internet and other information emitting devices right here in our head! Food may become discretised into bits and consumed into our heads via a USB transfer. There would be no necessity to grow food, commerce and business would still exist with information. Information becomes food, Man become Information, Man becomes in essence robots!

The world of the future could be as such!

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