Saturday, November 21, 2009

Move 2012 review

Finally, I watched the blockbuster "2012" with my wife today. We watched the digital format of the show as the resolution was better, as explained by the sales receptionist.

This movie is really worth your dollars if you have not watched the movie hiterto. The cinemas were jammed packed with audience such that only the front few seats were available to us.

The duration of the show was a strong 2.5 hours of solid action! Here the plot of the movie went:

A researcher working for the White House has discovered the fact that the world will be coming to an end in 2012 when the alignment of the sun, the earth and other planets form a straight line which will cause a mass emission of positions that causes the core of the earth to subside, resulting in devastating earthquakes, gigantic tsunamis, volcanic eruptions that will beset the world.

The US government classified this information as top secret and refused to tell this truth to its citizens while preparing a secret structure where the heads of states and the rich pay billions of dollars to seek a refuge for this disaster. Those who knew of this secret information were being monitored and when necessarily silenced.

Soon, disasters in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis shook the earth. The land subsided and the White House as well as the protagonists in the story evacuated by planes as they flew through the billowing fumes of smoke from the exploding and cracking surface of the earth.

The White House, leaders of the world and the rich made their way to China to board the secret vessel. The protagonist and his family headed to the same destination for the same refuge after getting hold of the map pointing to the secret vessel from a crazy man who has long known of the impending doom and the white house's secret.

The US President did not board the vessel and confronted death together with his people. Animals like Giraffes and Zebras were flown by helicopters too to the giant vessel. The surviving hundreds of people finally were made known of the vessel and they desperately vied for each other to board this vessel. However they were refused entry till the G8 leaders were convinced by the research scientist to do otherwises.

A technical fault caused the vessel to stall repeately. A China guy went to repair the fault but was unsuccessful. In the end, the Amercian protagonist risked his life and managed to repair the fault before the vessel collided into the Himalayas.

The vessel managed to withstand the onslaught of the tsunamis and sailed through the doom. Finally the earth structure resumed back to normalcy and the vessel opened, releasing the people inside to a whole new world.

In this whole new world, only the African continent remained largely unscathed and Cape of New Hope was where the survivors restarted living again.

The director of the movie has melded successfully a number of themes in the movie, those of:

a) Parents; selfless love for their children, their lives matter more than theirs

b) Power and Status: are the lives of the rich and powerful more valuable than common folks?

c) Leadership (the last US President in the movie did not choose to forsake his people and chose to face doom together with them and to tell them the truth of the doom)

d) Political Implication? Is there an implication that the China guy (played by Singaporean actor Ng Chin Han) failed to solve a techical fault that the American actor could? Is the director implying that America will still be better than China? Just my thought.

For all of you who believe in the end of the world in 2012, its time to pack your luggage and head for Cape of Good Hope in South Africa!

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