Monday, November 09, 2009

Fireflies by Owl City

These few weeks, I keep listening one song which I soon grow to love and that is the song Owl City by Fireflies. If you click the link, you would be able to hear the song, unfortunately, the embed link is not available else I would have embedded it here.

I am a music lover, but equally importantly to enjoying one's song is the appreciation of the meaning of the song. And here are the lyrics of the song.

As I have guessed correctly just from hearing the tune of the song, this song is about a man who would love the earth to spin a little bit slower so that his childhood days will remain longer. I can really identify with this song, and no wonder I love the song so much! I mean childhood to many is really one of the best times of one's life as one does not have too much responsibilites, one need not have to worry about earning a living and supporting one's family and there is always so much to find out about the world and there seems to be endless of fun!

But when we start working, we are faced with a myriad problems involving office politics, some unjust system, evil people, things here and there that smack of the rules of the jungle: that of prey and predator!

Haiz, how time passes! Time waits for no one! Rather than regret having passed childhood, let us try to achieve our dreams while we are young!

Speaking of this, there is a song called "while we are young" which I love too!

Wishing all readers to achieve your goals soon!

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