Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fast food

Love them or hate them, fast food restaurants the likes of McDonalds, Burger King or KFCs are here to stay in Singapore and many other countries for a long time.

Maybe i should not have used the word, ‘hate’ as looking at the highly profitable nature of fast food businesses, many are readily lapping up the offerings from the myriad of fast food restaurants!

Those who do not like fast food restaurants, in my opinion own this feeling due to the perception that fast food are not that healthy and the prices are on the high side too.

Anyway, fast food feature highly in my life during my secondary school days. These days, I consume fast food on an occasional nature.

Talking about the fast food offerings in Singapore, I must say that the fast food business scene is dominated by the big 5: Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger King, Long John Silver and Pizza Hut.

Out of these big 5, I usually patronize only KFC and sometimes Burger King when these restaurants give out coupons. I seldom visit fast food restaurant at all due to the very high prices; at the price of a meal in one of these restaurants, I can easily have a feast of my favorite local hawker centre food in the many hawker centres here.

Thus, I could only eat fast food when there are coupons which spell cheaper prices and the best discount vouchers are always from KFC and Burger King.

Some fast food chains were just fleeting in Singapore. Can you still remember A&W and Texas Chicken? Think it was such a long ago since we have since them on local ground, they are no longer operating in Singapore. I have only tasted A&W for less than 2 times in my life and have never tasted Texas Chicken before these 2 food chains moved out of Singapore.

Thus it is time to revisit the ice-cream foam root bear of A&W and experience the taste of Texas Chicken when my wife and I set food on a neighbouring country not too long ago.

The moment we saw A&W in a shopping centre in the country, we knew that we must give it a try! And so we did....ordering a combo meals set which comprised of a burger, fries and not forgetting, the yummy and popular foam root beer!
The taste was great! The meal was however insufficient to satiate our hunger for fast food not found in Singapore. We went to look around and in another shopping centre, guess what we saw? Texas Chicken fast food outlet!

We ordered a dish set comprising of a chicken drumstick, chicken wing rice and drink! Unlike the KFC chicken in Singapore which comprised of a lot of crispy oily stuff coating the surface of the chicken, the chicken we partook was done such sufficiently to retain the succulent and original flavour of the chicken as well as the crispiness! Maybe its time to bring back Texas Chicken and A&W and let Singaporeans have more choice when it comes to chicken rather than KFCs or Popeyes?

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