Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cruel Temptation- Qi Zi De You Huo starring Byun Woo Min

I was at Bishan Junction 8 shopping centre this afternoon when I faced a temptation. That temptation was loud Korean music blasting near Bishan MRT station, my temptation led me to a mini booth when a signing ceremony was unfolding!

The male lead of the popular Korean TV drama "Cruel Temptation" was signing on DVDs of the Korean drama bought by fans. This Korean drama serial will be shown on Singapore TVs soon and as such I believe the rage of this drama serial has not caught on in Singapore yet. this may account for the dismal turnout at this signing ceremony.
Here this is, the Korean male actor, Byun Woo Min, 44 years of age who played a cheating husand in the drama serial.
I do not watch drama serials at all, thus I believed I was an alien there in the event. I just captured two shots which you see here.
It was a cruel temptation for me to be tempted to come to this event only to find that the turnout for a Korean star is so dismal.. so cruel! Thus though I did not watch cruel temptation, I experienced cruel temptation today! I rather do some shopping!

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